Our deep carpet cleaning process features family and pet safe cleaning solutions coupled with powerful equipment and 30+ years of carpet and textile cleaning experience.

our five star carpet cleaning process

Step 1

Initial Inspection

Step 2


Step 3

Pre-treat traffic lanes

Step 4

Move furniture

Step 5

Hot water extraction

Step 6

Speed Drying

Step 7

Post Inspection

Step 8

Dupont Protector Applcation

Step 9

Final Grooming


While being familiar with all methods of carpet cleaning, we at MonsterClean use the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning powered by a truck-mounted machine. Hot water extraction is the cleaning method recommended by all major carpet manufacturers and will not void your carpet warranty. MonsterClean uses van powered cleaning equipment because the V8 engine of the van powers the vacuum, heat, and pump of the the cleaning unit. Portable extractors and consumer level carpet cleaning units are great for spot cleaning, but they are powered by vacuum cleaner motors and simply do not provide sufficient vacuum power to deep clean your carpet and extract the amount of pollutants that a V8 powered machine can. MonsterClean’s van powered cleaning equipment routinely delivers cleaning water temperatures of over 200 degrees! This high cleaning temperature powers through tough soil while providing a sanitizing effect on your carpets for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

MonsterClean employs rotary extraction tools to deep clean your carpet. Our RX-20 rotary extractor delivers an incredible 650 cleaning passes per minute on your carpets! That is a significant amount more than is humanly possible with the wands our competitors are using. Rotary extractors never tire and wear out like cleaning technicians do, these extractors make the same amount of cleaning passes at the end of the day as they did at the beginning of the day. Rotary extractors have the added benefit of lifting and restoring the pile of crushed and worn carpets.



More than a carpet cleaning company

Beyond carpet cleaning, we offer upholstery & fine fabric cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and wood floor cleaning. All of our cleaning services are back by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is nothing that makes us happier than for you to be thrilled with how clean your flooring and textiles are after a deep cleaning. 

we are spot & stain specialists

Unfortunately, spots and spills happen. Whether they come from miniature versions of yourself or your furry loved ones. Our carpet cleaning process can take care of life’s little messes. Everything from soda and juice spills to paint, oil, grease, and pet accidents.

honest & upfront pricing

We pride ourselves on providing the best carpet cleaning experience possible. Part of that experience is being honest and fair about our pricing and not using bait and switch tactics. We will always provide an estimate before we begin so there are never any surprises!