If you suffer from allergies or asthma, our air duct cleaning service can help. Compliment it with a dryer vent cleaning to keep your dryer running at optimal performance.

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Air duct cleaning should be performed on average every 3-5 years. There are many factors to consider how often to have your ducts cleaned. Some of these factors are:

  • Amount of people in your family
  • Having pets that shed fur
  • The environment around your home or business. If you are in a more rural area, dust and dirt from fields is very common and can make your home or business dustier.
  • How often you change your HVAC filters
  • Do you suffer from allergies?

Indicators that it is time for an air duct cleaning

  • If your home or business gets dusty quickly after cleaning
  • If you notice a lack of performance in your HVAC system, it could mean there is a restriction of airflow. A clean air duct system can lower your utility bills.
  • If you’ve recently remodeled, we highly recommend having your ducts cleaned to get rid of any dust and debris in the system.
  • If you have lighter colored carpet, you may notice dark lines forming along the edges of your carpet. This is called filtration soiling and a big indicator that you need air duct cleaning. Extreme cases of filtration soiling can be difficult to remove, but with our carpet cleaning service, we have great success at removing most of them.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, dirt, debris, and lint account for 27% of dryer fires which is the #1 cause of dryer fires just ahead of clothing at 26%. Dryer fires account for 92% of the annual fires and dryer vent cleaning can greatly help to reduce that statistic.

How to tell that you need dryer vent cleaning

  • The largest indicator of needing dryer vent cleaning is that clothes take longer to dry than normal. Dryers work by heating the air to cause evaporation and then removing that moist air at a rate that allows the clothes to dry relatively quickly. A blockage of airflow will keep the humid air in the dryer and not allow it to escape. This causes strain on the internal parts and can cause them to fail and to lead to expensive repair bills.
  • If you notice that the outlet is starting to look full of lint, there is a high probability that the rest of the line is getting full as well.
  • Plastic or PVC tubing for dryer vents are unsafe and will get plugged more quickly than standard galvanized metal tubing. Dryer vent tubing shouldn’t exceed 25 feet in length for best performance.